Nintendo Switch Online

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Download the official Nintendo Switch app for your Android cell phone for free. Access voice chat, multiplayer games, updates and more. If you have a Nintendo Switch, it is essential that you download the official Nintendo app for Android. Nintendo Switch Online is an extension to Nintendo’s desktop or portable console functionality.

This application is used to be able to make the Nintendo Switch console complete, especially in the online aspect. There are things that the console doesn’t bring by default, such as voice chat for multiplayer games that are indispensable. That feature is built into the Android app. So, in each game, if you want to communicate with other players, you’ll need to have the app active on your phone. Keep in mind that not all games accept this feature and can vary in features depending on the game you’re using. In some you can talk only to certain people, in others with members only of your team or the whole room if you allow it.

Some games earn special features, for example, in Super Smash Bros. You can watch videos of other players’ games, scenarios, notifications, etc. In Splatoon we can see combat statistics and rankings. So each title includes its own special functions.

You can also see bulletin boards for new games or updates that you already have, activities of acquaintances, friends or others who have played a game with us. This application is necessary and fundamental if you want to make the most of your Nintendo Switch. Since it does not include functions that other consoles carry by default, it will be necessary if you want to have the full experience.

Nintendo Switch Full for Android

The App is very necessary for cases, for example, when you play online with your friends to a Mario Kart game and want to have a voice conversation between you. It is not very clear why the Switch does not have all these functions within the same Nintendo Switch and had to outsource the functions to a third application. Maybe to extend battery life by taking away features you don’t think are essential or to have better control of the software and what you can do. Either way, there’s a way to overcome all these drawbacks and you should try it. If not, you still have more advanced options like Discord for Android, where you can also create your gaming sessions, even if you lose integration with the Nintendo ecosystem. But you’ll have a place in return with many more options and you won’t have to pay for the online service.

Nintendo Switch Online works if you have a Nintendo ID account, if you don’t have one, you’ll need to register on the Nintendo website and associate it with your console. Similarly, you must be over 13, otherwise you can ask an adult to create an account for you. About the system, Nintendo Siwtch Online orders Android 5.0 onwards, so a relatively modern cell phone is more than compatible with the app.

Keep in mind that some features are only enabled if you have Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription.

Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online