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If you have a Sony console, the PlayStation App is the must-have app to download to your Android phone. Friends list, games library and more.

Sony’s table-side consoles allow since their latest system versions, well, since the PS4, they have integrated social tools to connect with your friends and see what things they are playing, which trophies are winning, that they like, share achievements, images, videos, etc. And obviously, they’ve brought that experience to the mobile phone.


The PlayStation App for cell phones is an excellent addition for those who enjoy Sony games, in it we can see which of our friends is online and what they are playing.

We will receive message notifications, game alerts, invitations, game update notices. You can also modify your avatar and profile. One of the best options for collectors is that it allows us to see the games and their trophies so that we keep track of our progress or we can review what we need without having to turn on the console. Everything from the cell phone.

Another very useful option is to be able to make purchases of games and downloadable content, so that when you buy from the App, when you get home, if you have our PS4 networked, we have all our content ready and updated.

In order to use it, we only need to have a PSN account and some features only if we have a PlayStation 4. Soon, with the playStation 5 output, you’ll be able to see new things in this app.

PlayStation App
PlayStation App
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