Pokémon Home

Nintendo Co.
Price: Free

Download Pokémon Home for Android. The most important app for every Pokémon trainer and Nintendo Switch user. If you like Pokémon games, you may have purchased more than one game in your lifetime. From the Gameboy eras with Red and Blue Pokémon, to the last Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.


The popular game where we have to capture various Pokémon until we form our ideal team, has the drawback that with each game we had to start over. Starting a new collection can be a tedious task considering that we already had many hours invested in previous versions.

Pokemon Home arrives to serve as a Pokémon bank. A place to gather all your captured Pokémon. You can carry any Pokémon that appeared in a game in the main series. You can also bring certain Pokémon to your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game using the Pokémon HOME version for Nintendo Switch.

This application allows us to have some independence from the Nintendo Switch, since we can exchange pokémons with people from all over the world just using the app from our Android phone. It also follows the possibility of exchanges in different ways, such as through the GTS or the prodigious box.

In order to promote its use, the application will give us some gifts over time.

The app is free to download, however, Pokémon Home requires a monthly subscription payment. The free version only allows us to store a very limited number of pokemons and does not allow us to make exchanges.

Do I need Pokémon Home?

If you’re a Pokémon fan and have been completing every installment, it’s indispensable. It’s the easiest and most current way to be able to carry storage of all your captured creatures to date. But if you are a casual player, who has no greater interest in passing the game, the free version of it may be more than enough.

Similarly, the application is in its first versions, the exchanges are somewhat slow and has a number of connection errors.

Pokemon Home is free to download, but requires a monthly subscription to enable all of its features. You need a mobile phone with Android version 6 onwards.

Pokémon HOME
Pokémon HOME
Developer: The Pokemon Company
Price: Free+