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Download the best app and community to watch live streams of your favorite video games for every platform in your Android Phone.

Twitch is the largest video streaming game community today, even above Microsoft’s YouTube and Mixer. If you’re a fan of video games and following others who share your hobbies and are interested in watching or discovering various channels, Twitch will help you find them.


Part of the video game phenomenon came with its social explosion, the ease of being able to share what we played in real time expanded the amount of audience and content creators to what we have today, first uploading videos on Facebook, sharing on Sony and Xbox networks, but, the most important channel for many creators became Twitch,the social video network totally oriented to video games.

On Twitch,you can find various channels of different video games, from the most famous ones like Fornite,PUBG, Call of Duty,to the newest ones like Saint Seiya Awakening and even games that are much more searched, you’ll always find someone streaming a game of your favorite game. They also have exclusively many broadcasts of the most important tournaments.

All you have to do is download the app in the link at the end, register and you can enter to select your favorite video game channel, you can chat with those who are broadcasting, as well as with those who like us are as viewers. This ease of interacting is one of its most important attractions for the public and creators.

Similarly, if we want to stream our game, Twitch offers us all the possible tools, although in the mobile version we can only act as viewers, to stream, we must try additional applications. In the latest update, it also includes a night mode.

Twitch is an important app for those of us who like watching games, gaming sessions, meeting people who are related to our interests, and participating in a community. It is free, very light and only requires one registration.