Xbox App

Price: Free

Download the Xbox App for your Android phone, the best app for those with a Microsoft Xbox console and Microsoft accounts.

If you have an Xbox console or have the Xbox App on Windows for your games, the official Microsoft mobile app is the perfect add-on. With it, you can keep your friends list, games, achievements and more in your pocket wherever you go.


This is a Community App, the Xbox App serves as a data center to track your life within the Microsoft ecosystem. A messaging app with friends list, game list with detail of the achievements of each of them, the possibility to share screenshots and go looking at that of our contacts, among other functionalities make this App the must-have add-on.

From the Xbox App, you can organize group games or find players for a session, include clubs from each game, you can watch other people’s games and many video clips from other sessions.

It also includes, as in the PlayStation App, the option to make game purchases via the cell phone, as well as downloadable additional content, so that, when you get home, as long as your console is networked, you find our games ready to run.

One of the most interesting features of the Xbox App is that, in addition, with an Xbox One,it works as a keyboard or touch surface capable of interacting with the system, to be able to perform more complete searches or use it as a multimedia control when watching videos, which is much more convenient and fast than using game control.

The Xbox App is free on the Google Play Store.

Price: Free