Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Download the best parental control options for Android. Learn how to set time limits for kids using your phone or mobile phone.

Today children have access to the same technology as adults. That’s why parental control on Android is important. Like understanding that in some cases it is good to put limits on the use of computers, as well as the content that can be seen on them.

In the topic of games, parental control is important to set the maximum number of hours they can spend as well as the type of content they are exposed to.

How do I set up parental control on my phone?

There are many options to limit the hours and the applications to which they are exposed, some are integrated into the same system and others are third-party applications, let’s start with Google, Android developer, who offer one of the more complete tools for this job.

Google Family Link

This is one of the most complete apps when it comes to limiting what things can and can’t do with your phone. It is installed on two devices, one on the parent’s cellphone and one on the children phone. In this way, the phone of the parent will be able to monitor all the activity of the child’s cell phone, without conflicting with their privacy. That is, we will be able to see when you use your phone, for how long and what applications, but without revealing the content of those, such as a chat for example.


Keep in mind that Google Family Link doesn’t review content, it only serves to monitor phone usage and the apps used, time and frequency. If you want to limit specific content, you’ll need to look in the options for each application. It allows you to add up to 5 supervised accounts and is oriented for less than 16 years. Generate usage reports, screen time, and more.

It also allows us to limit the time of use of certain applications, so we can set them to use the phone a maximum number of hours per day or a week, in certain date ranges, etc. It also allows us to locate the location of the child’s phone in real time with GPS.

Google Family Link is available for Android for free, ordering Android 7.0 system onwards for optimal operation, although it also accepts phones running Android 5.0 and 6.0. You can also find it on iOS devices version 9 and up.

Google Family Link for parents
Google Family Link for parents

Control Parental Screen Time

This app is one of the best options if you are looking to set specific cell phone usage times for your children. Not only does it allow you to set a general-use limit, but you can specify the usage time for each individual app, which is very useful if you want to limit game usage time, but leave messaging or other apps enabled.


This is very useful if we want to limit the use of social networks, but leave applications such as calculator, dictionary, among others, that have a more educational and didactic use, necessary to fulfill the tasks of the school or institute.

Look, we must be careful with the handling of these apps and how they can limit the use of the phone and how they can be skipped. They are still applications and could be uninstalled.

Kids Place

This app is somewhat different from Screen Time and Google Family Link, unlike the others that remotely control and ee set arbitrary limits, Kids Place creates an entertainment center within the cell phone, a kind of “children’s mode”, from which you can’t get out. It allows us to establish which applications are part of it and prevents others from being installed. You can limit phone calls, text messages, purchases, get in offline mode, etc.


It is highly recommended for young children, where we can pass with a single application to have a functional phone to one oriented totally to children. It has a high level of customization, allows us to change backgrounds, fonts, etc. Highly appropriate for those who have a single device who want to lend to their youngest children and want to share without having to make big changes.

Kids Place - Parental Control
Kids Place - Parental Control
Developer: kiddoware
Price: Free+

YouTube Kids

In addition to games and social networks, one of the most used and present applications on all mobiles is YouTube. The problem is that the content of this is so varied and it is always difficult to know what our children see. YouTube Kids is Google’s answer for parents who want their younger children to make use of the app without having to worry about inappropriate content.


YouTube Kids exists as a separate app, works apart from the main YouTube and brings select and carefully curated content for young children. In addition to automatic content selection processes, there are also people reviewing that videos are ideal for minors. The app also brings an integrated control system to limit its use by hours, we can follow a video history to know exactly what our children are consuming, block content or channels that we consider inappropriate, report and generally create an experience suitable for the child.

YouTube Kids guides content based on profile age. That is, choose the content based on preferences according to age, so if we have children of very young age, you will avoid showing you things for older children or adolescents and vice versa.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

We also have some other options such as ESET or Kaspersky, known antivirus that also have their Parental Control applications, but are a little more elaborate or require a payment for most of its functions. Google Family Link is the one that best integrates with the system but is not the only one, we will always have more than one alternative to take care of what our children see on the cell phone.