Download the Best Sonic Games

Download for free a selection of the best Sonic games for Android phones. The classic character in racing, platform and adventure games.

With the release of the Sonic film, along with the great Jim Carrey, it’s a good time to review the list of available Sonic hedgehog games for Android. From classic SEGA-era deliveries back in the 1990s, to the most modern ones like Sonic Dash or Forces. A small selection of the best Sonic games for Android.

Sonic is a game franchise mostly of platform adventure, at least since its appearance on SEGA. However, she has now adopted more genres based on her rich portfolio of characters and adventures. We have runner games, which suit you very well, RPG, adventures and more.

Sonic Dash 2

Sonic Dash is one of Sonic’s most successful installments. It’s a “runner” game where you have to take your character through different scenarios while they run frantically in a horizontal view. The levels are full of obstacles, enemies and prizes. The level design is very well achieved, it is varied and frenetic.


Graphically the game is impeccable, the animations fluid and attractive. We can go on the ground at high speed, use a rope to glide through the air and take special coins or slide through particular structures. Sonic Dash 2 is a good delivery to dedicate not very extensive games from time to time, a very fun casual game that thanks to its large number of levels we can enjoy for a long time.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
Developer: SEGA
Price: Free+

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Speed Battle, with the permission of Sega All Stars Racing, is the closest thing to a kart game and competitions the franchise has. A twist on the genre. Like Sonic Dash,we have game levels that you have to pass over obstacles, choosing different routes and looking for power-ups, but, the difference, is that we will do it at the same time as competing against other players.


And it’s this that makes it an amazing game, the competition against other players is a great fun. Not only should we be faster in our decisions about which path to take, but we must have control of the stage by setting traps, pushing our rivals, blocking them the way, etc. A kind of “runner” game with some go-karts and battle. A mix of genres that gives one of the best titles in the Sonic franchise. Of course, it’s full of characters, circuits and a fantastic online mode.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The original title, the classic. Sonic the Hedgehog, the first installment of the franchise by SEGA is now available to play on your Android phone. In this game you will be able to enjoy the first sonic title and see why it became a cultural phenomenon at the moment of departure.


The game has small performance improvements and how it looks regarding its first edition. For example, extended landscape mode, some extra characters, ttouching in graphics and animations. but it retains all the original spirit. There are 7 levels where you have to get as many gold rings as possible while defeating your enemies at full speed. Sonic The Hedgehog is free on the Google Play Store, but it includes some advertising that can sometimes be very intrusive.

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic
Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic
Developer: SEGA
Price: Free+


SEGA Heroes includes our beloved Sonic. The SEGA installment that brings together its biggest characters and puts them to fight in their card-to-crystal combo game system is one of the most curious games in the franchise. Unlike the others where it was a speed theme, very associated with the character, in SEGA Heroes RPG you’ll have more of a tactical combat mode with elements of chance and skill.


Dozens of characters, Sonic and all his friends, campaign mode with many missions and levels, an online mode to pit our characters against other players in the world, hundreds of missions to be able to advance and achieve better cards and skills, as well as experience for our heroes. SEGA Heroes is a very interesting game that demands a little more attention and time, but if you like Sonic and not so much the “runners”, this title is perfect. In addition, it is maintained with constant updates.

Sonic Runners Adventure

But if we are looking for the classic Sonic experience, adapted to modern times, it is Gameloft and not SEGA that brings us the title that brings us the closest to it. Sonic Runners Adventure is the Sonic of a lifetime, but with modern graphics and much more appealing than the classic. Amazing animations and well-achieved levels.


Runners Adventure is a good game, the graphics are amazing, very well detailed, the scenarios have a very good design and invite you to go through them many times in search of all their secrets and gold rings. Varied enemies, final bosses and new characters. 4 worlds with various levels, accompanying music and the possibility to make improvements to our characters. The only drawback is that Sonic Runners Adventure unlike the other titles in the franchise if it comes at a cost. And even though it’s not a very tall one, it won’t be able to get us out for free.

Sonic for Android

Sonic has become fashionable again thanks to his new film, which is breaking records around the world. But the character has always been present in many games and references of today, it is therefore the triumphant return of the mascot of SEGA, also mythical company. No wonder they’re preparing a new blue hedgehog installment for next-generation consoles and also our Android phones soon.

For now, these 5 games will help you spend many hours of fun, from the classic platform games full of action and adventure at the highest speed, to the RPG modes where we must be more patient and take our time to design strategies and ways to combat the final bosses of every area where we play. Sonic is back and we can’t doubt that.