Armored God

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Download Armored  God for Android phones. Excellent MMORPG game to enjoy with our friends online. Missions, gentlemen and more.

Armored God  is an online multi-player game. A full-fledged RPG. A fantasy story that will take us on a journey in search of the salvation of the world from a dark age. Explore and conquer the kingdom, defeat the most powerful enemies and perform the strongest spells.


This is a dungeon-type game. It’s a lot reminiscent of Blizzard Diablo or Mu Online games from  Webzen. As with any game of this genre, you’ll have many missions to complete, dungeons to complete and enemies to defeat.

This game has a progression system. Our character must complete missions to gain experience. This will help us to improve your level, be stronger. We have different types of characters, magicians, warriors, healers, etc.

We can get better weapons and items for our characters as we progress through the story. Each difficulty level is accompanied by good rewards, which will be needed to face the new challenges.

Armored God  is easy to handle, it has an automatic mode to make easier some missions that we have to repeat. We have a directional on the left side to move in the different scenarios and worlds. Action controls are located on the right side. That’s where we found all our skills.

MMORPG for Android

The skills will be gained as we gain experience defeating enemies. When you upload them, you will become stronger and unlock others. It is necessary to do so to be able to advance the story, since each level becomes more demanding than the previous one.

Player-versus-player mode can be done between 6 characters on two teams at once. It also has a one-on-one mode. This is one of the funniest parts of the game. We can measure the strength of our character in combat against others.

Armored God  is a free game. But it includes many micro payments within the app, as well as a VIP mode for one or more characters. It doesn’t make much difference in the gaming experience, but it can speed things up a lot for who chooses to do it. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

Armored God
Armored God
Price: Free+