Boxing Star

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Download Boxing  Star for your Android phone for free. Fun boxing game for  sports lovers,  offers hours of fun.

If you are a sports lover, especially boxing, Boxing  Star is one of the most fun games for Android phones. This game is more focused on casual sessions and not in a professional mode. So it’s great for players who want to play a game from time to time without having to worry about character progression and more.


Dodge, evade and counter-punch. In Boxing  Star we handle your character with on-screen touch controls to slide your finger to activate arm movements. The control works very well, it is fast and accurate, but it requires that we be careful when we do it. Sliding your finger uncontrollably will only make your character tired and not manage to connect a single swipe. As long as our enemy defends himself and counter-punches will defeat us without problems.

Boxing Star  has RPG touches. Our hits show damage with numbers, so we can know which hits do the most damage without having to see the health bar. To add a bit of strategy, we have a force bar, this tells us how many hits we can make consecutively before a special hit fits. As we hit, we can activate special combinations.

One of the best boxing games

The graphics have a cartoonstyle. They are very attractive, full of colors. The animations are very fluid and accompany the action at all times. We have varied scenarios, from the classic boxing ring in state to sessions in training centers or on the streets. We’ll also receive rewards after each fight that serve us for our boxer’s common expenses.

Boxing Star Android

We can also make improvements to your character. They are not very complicated, but they will help us to hit harder and faster. Improved to advance the game campaign.

This boxing game also includes an online player versus player mode. We can compete against players from all over the world in a league mode. In this we can go up on the dot board and look for the highest positions. Let’s use our ability to beat every opponent in front of you.

Boxing Star  is a very fun game, it does not demand much to be able to enjoy it, it has some complexity, but it is very easy to play and enjoy. It’s free on the Google Play Store and includes small payments if we want to buy gloves or special upgrades.

Boxing Star
Boxing Star
Price: Free+