Call of Duty: Mobile

Activision Publishing, Inc.
Price: Free

Download some of the best known franchises in the video game world. Call  of  Duty Mobile comes to your android phone for free. Call of  Duty is one of the most recognized brands worldwide when it comes to third-person war action games. Popular on consoles and PCs, it also has its version for mobile devices under the title Call  of  Duty: Mobile.


Much of the appeal of this version is that, unlike other platforms, it is a unique title so it includes maps of different versions of the other games, as well as more varied and extensive game modes.

We have from the classic 5 vs 5 in team clashes, a Battle Royal mode of up to 100 players, sniper-only battle mode, a zombie mode, etc. It is a unique version, so it condenses many aspects of other installments and is constantly evolving.

Call of Duty on your Phone

Graphically the game is of very high level, the maps contain high level of detail, the animations are very well achieved, the graphical representation of the weapons and the variety of these has a lot of detail as well as different uniforms and armament, it is because of a great production that takes great care of this section.

At the game level, the controls are of course on-screen, but they are pretty well achieved, there is a good response from these and it is easy to adapt to the different gameplay mechanics. It is not at the level of taking a dedicated control or much less of a mouse and keyboard, but it is left to handle very smoothly. It’s no downside either, as we’ll only compete with people who use a touchscreen.

The game includes multiplayer features, social centers to carry our personal statistics, customization modes to add depth to the gameplay  and of course, many micro transactions. Call  of  Duty: Mobileis free.