Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

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Enjoy this cooking game for Android. Cooking  Mama takes us to prepare the most delicious and varied dishes for the whole family.

Cooking Mama! It is one of the most friendly and entertaining games for Android phones. The art of cooking made game taken to the cell phone.  In  Cooking  Mama! We must manage the kitchen business, manage our restaurant and prepare the best and most delicious dishes.


The game brings more than 30 different recipes, many minigames and a restaurant that we can improve as we progress through the campaign. We can control the entire chain of work that produces a plate of food. This means that we can grow the vegetables that we will use to cook and take care of the country animals that will give us resources for our recipes.

Easy cooking game

Our restaurant can improve it through various decorations that we can buy with in-game coins as well as micro payments. With recipes, things get more fun. We can even mix them to produce surprise dishes. They include real cooking videos to learn a little more.

The game has some pretty nice graphics, although not as accomplished as those of another game like My Café for Android, nor does it have the complexity of that game. It is aimed at the smallest players, the dishes are very simple to prepare and there is no bad way to do it.

To give it variety, Cooking  Mama includes a series of mini-games such as “Take a hand!”, “Play Tendero!” and “Exercise Your Mind!”. It has a total of more than 30 varied minigames, each with a scoreboard. Here comes the online mode of the game, the planks have scores of people from all over the world, so we can go trying to climb on the board

Cooking Mama! is simple and intuitive, oriented so that you can play it from adults to the little ones. Finally, with this game children will be able to get acquainting themselves with the kitchen in the most fun way. It is free for Android phones in the Google Play Store.

Cooking Mama: Let's cook!
Cooking Mama: Let's cook!