Cyber Hunter

Price: Free

Download Cyber Hunter, amazing Battle Royal game for Android phones. Compete in ranking mode and climb the top positions.

Like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire, Cyber Hunter is a game of the type “Battle  Royale”,an action mode where you have to compete against other players in a widearena. The goal is to become the last survivor in the place. Task nothing easy, all our opponents will try to finish our game as quickly as possible.

Cyber Hunter has a fairly wide character creation mode, we have many options on faces, skin colors and makeup. The clothes that can be selected. The options give us very varied combinations. They also include various accessories, some free and starter, others that you’ll have to unlock.

The game is very good in relation to the interface, it is very easy to understand where everything is like the options and modes it brings. As in any game of this type, the first games are completed with many bots  to be able to get the idea of the game, but their appearances are reduced as they progress in the game. So the difficulty increases as you play.

Action on your Android

As for the game mode, it is very typical, we have weapons of different power and difficulty that we must go looking for on the map. You can also win them by beating other opponents and taking your weapons. You can build things, like in Fortnite,but itdoesn’t have the variety of buildings that this one, but it adds depth to the way you play.

The main thing about Cyber  Hunter is its mobility. You can build a bike to move from place to place quickly, your character scales walls and makes agile moves. This adds a lot of dynamism to the game and makes the games faster and more frantic.

As always we start on a plane and a mini map that will help us to see in which area we want to land. It has an automatic function in case we have to answer something off the phone.

The game has the option to be able to play in competitive games, have a ranking and ranking. This adds a lot of value to those who want to stand out and spend many hours in the game. Being ableto “rank”gives a boost to the competitive mode of the game, reserved for the most experienced.

Cyber Hunter is a free game, it includes some in-game payouts, but most are only for the appearance of the players, so they give no advantage. A good choice for those who like the  Battle  Royalegenre.

Cyber Hunter
Cyber Hunter
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+