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Download the best UFC game. Download the best free fighting and martial fighting game on your Android phone for free.

UFC Android

If you are a fan of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) this is the best franchise game for mobile phones. Download and fight alongside your favorite fighters, among them, Caín Velásquez, Georges Pierre, Jon Jones, Chris Weidman, José Aldo, Johny Hendricks, among others.

This is a fighting game. An octagon-shaped ring where we face off in one-on-one duels. Competitive combat and good rewards after every fight we fight.

The game has a roster of more than 70 fighters separated into four divisions. Each athlete has their own special set of movements. If you win battles, you will be able to unlock new opponents, get coins and level up your skills. Part of the game mechanics is to improve our characters through an RPG system.

Graphically the game is very well achieved. The UFC’s best-known faces are instantly recognizable and have very fluid animations. Combat movements are highly detailed and varied. The controls respond very well, so we can easily perform many fighting movements.

The game features events related to the events that occur in the UFC. So you can recreate the fights of the next events in the UFC on television. That gives the game a lot of activity and allows us to follow the UFC news on our cell phone.

Likewise, it has an online player versus player mode and a ranking system to be able to position ourselves at the top as we develop our characters.

EA Sports UFC is the official game, it requires a permanent Internet connection. It is free, but it includes some micro payments.

Price: Free+