Evil Hunter Tycoon

Super Planet
Price: Free

Download Evil  Hunter  Tycoon  for your Android phone for free. Excellent management, strategy and simulation game in a 16-bit style.

Evil Hunter  Tycoon  is one of the best management and survival games we have for Android. It draws attention from its design to the fashion of 16 bits, but has a great complexity and depth in its game. In  Evil Hunter we must meet two priority objectives: rebuild our village and arm ourselves to hunt and defeat monsters.


First we must develop our people to the highest level we can. That includes improving the infirmary to recover the hunters, the restaurant to feed us and improve their skills, the tavern, hostel, blacksmith, armory, etc. It is vital to improve the village, that’s where it depends how well we do in the game.

In our village, we can train and hire different hunters who will help us defeat the monsters who want to attack us. Each of the hunters has a different class, we can train them as needed, in the same way that we will be visited by several with random attributes.

Hunters and dragons

We can send them on different hunting missions to gain items and experience, so they will learn special techniques and skills. We can manage your gear,reincarnate them when they reach their maximum level and refine them according to our game mode. We have so many options that along the way we will discard some to keep the strongest elements, capable of defeating the most dangerous field enemies, as other players.

Graphically it looks amazing. Evil  Hunter, the name of our village, is full of details and sections, all in the  pixel  art style. But its details are notorious, as we go along they become more elaborate and attractive.  Equally  for hunters and monsters of turns. Animations, movements, attacks, etc. Everyone runs in a super fluid and fun way. At some times you’ll have many elements on the screen interacting, as in the hunt for a dark dragon, which is where the game shines the most.

Evil Hunter  Tycoon  is an extremely fun game, but at the same time a little demanding with the time and attention that we must invest. If you don’t improve your city or seek to capture or train the best hunters, you won’t be able to advance much in the game and you’ll quickly lose to other players. But it’s a wonderful game when you take the taste and start improving your units.

Evil Hunter  Tycoon  is free for Android phones and you can download it from the Google Play Store.