Last Day on Earth: Survival

Price: Free

Download the super zombie experience game Last  Day  on  Earth for your Android phone for free. Excellent action and horror game.


Kefir Studio brings us this survival video game for Android. Last  Day  on  Earth is an excellent game set in 2027. Scenario that tells us  how the world witnessed an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost the entire human race. Humans who then went on to become zombies and those who survived the infection fight day by day for their lives.

A bit like the plot of The  Walking  Dead,but also like the vastmajority of zombie and post-apocalyptic games. This is a game of those, a somewhat overwhelming and depressive narrative, but it finds its value in its mechanics and development that will allow our protagonist to survive thanks to our decisions and care.

Zombie game for Android

In Last  Day  on  Earth we must take care of our character, feed him, procure him housing, see that he keeps with the necessary supplies to survive. This also includes several types of weapons to be able to face the enemy. Because in this game we not only survive the decline of society, but also, various hordes of zombies that will attack us at the least thoughtful moment.

We must defeat intruders, zombies  or rivals, employing not only strength, but also cunning. To do this we can build fortifications with traps or take a more offensive stance and go to pillage the territory of other survivors in search of resources.

Last Day on Earth Survival Gameplay

The single player mode is very well achieved, but the game includes a series of events that will force us to undertake explorations together with other players in a rather attractive co-op mode. We can interact with other players in special zones, get transportation and more.

Last Day  on  Earth  brings a wide world, very interesting resource management mechanics and how to get them, we can even have a pet to not make our survival so lonely. It wouldn’t be very different from other games, but zombies are always present that to survive requires more than just good management skills, if not strategic planning when it comes to lifting defenses.

You can download Last Day on Earth: Survival free for Android phones.

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Developer: Kefir!
Price: Free+