Mu Origin 2

Price: Free

Download Mu Origin  2 for your Android mobile phone. Analysis of the classic RPG genre, dungeons, quests, adventures, magic and more.

Mu is one of the most classic and veteran RPGs in the video game world. It’s a role-playing title in the best style in The “Diablo” Blizzard video game saga. A series of dungeons where you have to take your character to defeat all enemies to the final enemy or just eliminate rivals to gain experience and improve your character.


Mu Origin is the sequel to Mu Online, a full-fledged RPG. In this game we must handle our character who may be one of the three races that the game offers at the moment: Elf, Warrior or Wizard. Although desktop versions give us more options, for now in the mobile version we only have those. Each of them has its own fighting style as well as a way to get better.

The warrior attacks up close, melee, handles swords, axes, etc. A whole arsenal for close combat. The elf, on the other hand, handles the combat from a distance thanks to its bows or crossbows. The Wizard attacks both up close and far with his powerful spells, but always safe. Although  the premise may sound simple and the things that we have to go up in our characters can be classics, Mu  Origin 2 has a little more depth in the construction of the characters. We can, for example, create a warrior that before force handles more speed and can use other, less blunt, but faster weapons. An Elf that focuses on healing or summoning spells or a magician who does not do as much  damage  but maintains a health life.

Mu Online for mobile

It is a versatile game in that sense, whose main feature may or may not be attractive. In Mu Origin  2, as in all its versions, we have to repeat many scenarios killing enemies to be able to upload our characters. There goes much of the time, although it includes an automatic mode to be able to let the Android phone do its job, it is not much fun for everyone.


The scenarios are varied, well detailed and  include a lot of diversity of enemies, there are raids to defeat final bosses alongside other players, a cooperative online mode that gives a lot of life to the game. It’s super entertaining to go around and watch other people advancing in the game at the same time as you or on the hunt for some common enemy. Of course, there is a player-versus-player mode, clans, clan warfare, and more. Periodic events also take place to measure the strength of your character or group of friends in the face of powerful bosses and complex challenges.

Mu Origin  2 is a good dungeon-type game with role-playing. A well-known classic,  especially in Latin America, that you can now play for free on your Android phone.

Developer: Webzen Inc.
Price: Free+