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Download the best basketball game for your Android cell phone. EA Sports’ NBA Live is the most complete title in this famous sport.

Basketball fame is booming. The most popular sport in the United States also has many fans around the world. It is not uncommon to see major leagues such as the ACB League of Spain or the Euroleague  basketball, as well as many Latin American or Asian.

But basketball  is king in the United States. There are the    biggest stars of the game, and that’s where NBA Live Mobile is placed with studio EA behind to bring the best basketball game for mobile phones. It couldn’t be any other way with the official NBA league license. You can see all your favorite stars, lineups, game systems, uniforms, T-shirts, stadiums and more. Everything the NBA means.

The gameplay is very simple, the movements of the players are very well achieved, it is easy to place a pass and start a race to one jump hit the hoop by those points, although sometimes this challenges a little physics. We have a directional on the left and an action button on the right, as is standard in other sports games like mobile football, for example.

Graphically  well achieved, the players have a lot of detail in their presentations, the stadiums where you play show all the elements that we could find in a match in real life, although it could improve a little the subject of the stands, they do not always seem to be completely full, which saves a little atmosphere, but saves some resources.

The best basketball for mobile

The game modes are extensive, not only can we compete in the draft, we also have the option of 3 vs 3 games, training modes, local game and multi player online. EA constantly adds updates to the game, such as seasonal events, special players, stories, and more.

Part of the appeal of NBA Live is the online mode. We have a team ranking where you can put your star, the one you’ve been training, and your team to compete against people from all over the world through various tournaments, free games or competitive mode. There are rankingranking rankings to see how we are doing, as well as to give us some satisfaction and achievements by beating the different opponents that put us in front.

NBA Live is a free basketball game for mobile, available on the Google Play Store. You can download it at no cost, but include micro payments inside if you want to increase your chances of getting new and better players.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball