World of Warships Blitz

Price: Free

Download World  of  Warships  Blitz for Android, battle ships for your mobile. Join real-time naval battles, and team up to destroy your enemies on the high seas. Like Warplanes  WW2, which placed us in World War II,  World  of  Warships  Blitz takes us to the battlefield, but this time at sea.


World of  Warships  Blitz is a free-to-to-to-navalaction MMO and PVPfor Android mobile phones. It is based on that excellent PC game which is  World  of  Warships. This is the best and best world War II naval battle game for mobile phones.

Sinking ships, that’s our mission in this game. To do this, we will have at our disposal 90 kinds of unique boats. Models produced by the armies of Japan, the United States, the USSR and Germany.

The battles are obviously taking place at sea. The scenarios place us between the AtlanticSea, the Pacific Sea and the Arctic. The battle scenarios are huge and allow for many maneuvers by our maritime battleships.

Battles are 7 units vs. 7. They have torpedo-like weapons, missiles, cannons, all of different range and power depending on the ship we chose. Managing our battleship is the main thing in the game. Each unit has a different speed and weaponry, it will always be the best strategy to find the best position for the unit. To locate ourselves, anticipating the movements of the opponent are always very effective.

Battle at the Sea

We can control the direction of the ship, the speed, the angles of fire and the entire arsenal. We can play solo through the campaign by fulfilling missions, recreating World War II events. Or also in multi-player games to team up and face other fleets.


In graphics, Word of Warships is amazing.   They have opted forrealisticgraphics and the result is remarkable. Each ship, battleship, is perfectly detailed. All have their main design features and weapons. The scenery, the sea, looks great and shines even brighter when they have a flotilla facing off.

The effect of the shots, the sun at the end of the sea, the smoke coming out of the enemy ships. World  of  Warships  is enjoyed even when you see it. Although, maps sometimes offer such a large size for a very short starting time. So putting your strategy ahead is vital to victory.

The game is free. We should not pay for downloads or play. It offers in-game purchases, but nothing that can be achieved by playing some games. It has a ranking mode to see our progress compared to other players in online mode.