Build a Bridge!

BoomBit Games
Price: Free

Recognized puzzle game for your cell phone. Build a  bridge will require us in all our inventiveness and logic to overcome its various challenges.

Build a Bridge! It’s an entertaining construction game. As the name suggests, we will be at the load of the construction of bridges through which a series of vehicles must pass. Thus, each environment will require our logical capacity to build certain supports against our worst enemy: gravity.

Build a Bridge Android

This is a simple yet demanding game. We will have two or more disconnected points waiting for us to build a path of wood, metal and cement on them. For this, we will be assigned a budget with which we will be able to make the purchase of limited materials with which we must build a structure, bridge, that can withstand the proposed load and allow us to interconnect the different points.

Of course, managing the budget that is allocated to us in the best way. And this is where the game gets interesting, as building them will require our logical effort. It won’t be difficult for us in the first few games to see how our buildings go to the bottom of the ocean when we thought they could get the job done easily. We don’t see our mistakes until we think with structural design, this is where the game shines. The support of structures is very well  achieved,  even if it does not manage to be perfect.

Finding the design that fits the number of parts that our budget allows will not always be an easy task, even less at the most advanced levels. So the game sometimes allows you to make use of some tracks, free and limited in its free option, paid in the most difficult,  but never necessary. We have the same different type of materials with a particular use for each case. It will not always be for the use of wood when we must place a metal structure, for example.

Build a Bridge Android

The game has 36 screens, each represents a bigger challenge than the previous one, when we manage to finish our structure and well, it is functional, we can see it in a small 3D render. Nothing like watching your work look, however inefficient it is.

If the game finds you in a complicated state, you can always opt for more relaxed games, a mode for those who want something simple or don’t want to have any limits on their creativity.

Build a Bridge! It’s a very interesting and addictive puzzle game. It is free, extensive and if we take into account the casual, unlimited mode. It runs quite well on most  devices,although it isappreciated if you have a relatively large screen, since to move the different elements of a construction we will require some precision to touch control that could be somewhat complicated if the screen of our cell phone is very small or does not respond as it should be. Something that can happen with low-end devices, for example.

Beyond that, the game meets all the requirements to be able to recommend it., Free, in the Google Play Store.

Build a Bridge!
Build a Bridge!
Developer: BoomBit Games
Price: Free+