Roblox Android


Roblox Corporation
Price: Free

Roblox is a platform where you will find hundreds of free games to download to your phone. Roblox is a different game, because it works more like a creation “hub” than a game with a defined genre objective. What do we do at Roblox?, because we create things that others can try and at the same time we spend discovering other people’s creations with friends or solo within a pretty well-run online community environment.

Roblox Gameplay

In that sense Roblox is very well, offers unlimited options from the creation of its various users, shared spaces with many people, minigames, challenges, etc. Something very similar to Second Life, but without the challenge of subsisting, if not, just trying out the various scenarios proposed by the community, some games are more fun and elaborate than others, they look better or not, part of the grace is to discover each novelty that gets ahead of it.

Thus, a typical game develops by entering the hub and choosing some mini game. Like a Dance Party, a job in a restaurant handing out pizza, a clothes design room, a modeling walkway, a prison escape, etc.

Roblox is not going to fall short of games or options. For your part, you can create your avatar which will take you to all the minigames and add up entries. It is an online game, at all times you will find more people playing. The platform is, however, oriented in many ways to the little ones, so you have to be careful with the content that is accessed.

It is free, but includes many micro payments for different actions, such as the purchase of special clothes or ornaments for our characters, various decorative objects, among others. So you have to be careful if you have an associated payment account, since the shopping gateway is very attractive to the little ones in the home.

Developer: Roblox Corporation
Price: Free+